Sweetlee’s Ice Cream

Sweetlee’s Ice Cream makes premium, homemade ice cream. Deliberate choices are made, and strategic steps are taken to make a quality ice cream, including vegan and non-dairy options, by using fresh local ingredients whenever possible.

The foundation of Sweetlee’s business is rooted in the concept of being part of and helping the community. The two ways they help accomplish this is by: partnering with local companies to source fresh ingredients whenever possible and by working with community organizations to support and give back. Sweetlee’s works with local organizations and schools by holding fundraisers at their truck locations and raising money for those important organizations. It is really a win-win for both parties.

Sweetlee’s ice cream first opened in March of 2021, while Covid restrictions were still making it difficult for people to eat out. As a result, Sweetlee’s started with a food truck, so everyone in our community could feel safe getting their treats outdoors. Now that we have moved past all the Covid restrictions, the Lee family is ready to venture into their first brick-and-mortar. The family is excited for the next adventure at the Tumwater Craft District.

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Small Batch, Homemade Ice Cream
Sweetlee’s Ice Cream
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